Welcome to season 2019. I wanted to welcome all of the new and returning members to the club and provide an update on a number of things as we lead into what we hope will be another very successful season for the Toronto Eagles Australian Football Club.

Firstly, what does a successful 2019 season look like to me? Success to this club is the attraction and retention of members. This comes from building the right culture, ensuring the right behaviors and maintaining a commitment to the creation of a positive footy experience for all.

We all have a role in ensuring the success of the season. Members and supporters are a key element to this. We need to support our players, acknowledge the opposition positively (or not at all) and support the role of the umpires, they are doing the very best they can, and many are also on a learning curve, just like all of us.

Importantly, and on all occasions, we need to respect the rules of the conduct of the game. This requires that only officials are allowed on the ground at any time, and there are no exceptions. This is required for the safety and good conduct of the sport. I say these things only as a reminder, our club is widely recognized as one which operates within the highest of on and off field standards,

After just missing out on the ultimate prize last season, the club is set for another competitive year of footy. We will once again be coached by club stalwart, Aaron Falcioni. His experience, expertise and enthusiasm is one of the the clubs main strengths, allowing our players to rapidly develop in skill, game strategies and garner a passionate commitment to our club goals.

I would also like to thank our major Partners, the West Coast Eagles and True Milestones Inc, and our many sponsors for their continued support throughout 2018. Without their support the club would not be able to operate as effectively.

I look forward to the season and I would like to sincerely thank the committee, the coaches, the team managers and all of the team level volunteers for their contribution to getting the 2019 season up and running. The Toronto Eagles is an amazing club. It has wonderful support from it players and long-term members and I am looking forward to meeting everybody over the next few months.

I wish everybody all success for 2019 and look forward to seeing you all at the club throughout the year. I hope that all of you get the great rewards of enjoying your footy and that you all continue to commit to the Toronto Eagles Australian Football Club and what we stand for.

Let’s see all the Eagles faithful down at the Club in 2019! The season opener is on May 25th @ Humber South. See you there! #WeSoarAsOne #BlueAndGold #Eagles19

Salvatore Capoferri