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OAFL All-Star team, who makes it?

September 2009


So it's getting close to that time of the year when everyone starts to wonder who's the best in the league for the year.


I'm surprised the OAFL haven't had a way to make voting easier such as a weekly web poll on the OAFL site with certian players in their preffered positions. Similar to how all-star teams are selected in leagues such as the nba or nhl. Could have helped with their decisions, maybe next year.


With the OAFL's awards night just around the corner (September 12, Cool Beer Brewery) names will be thrown around as to whom should make the OAFL All-star team for season 2009.


Now I think I'm a pretty good judge of who's been good this year so, I've decided to put down who I think should be on the list.


Now this was a difficult task as there has been an amazing crop of Australian this year and some Canadian players are having their best seasons.


So when selecting my team, I made sure that I selected players who I felt were the best in their preferred positions. At the bottom of the list I've given a reason for why I've selected each player. I don't see the official OAFL team looking too much different than this, except maybe for the interchange.


Once you've finished having a look at the team and have read of my comments, please let me know your opinion on the poll to the right.

So without further adieu, here's the team:


2009 OAFL All-Stars



Emile Studham (Etobicoke): Studham has had a fantastic season coaching the Etobicoke Kangaroos, who will certainly finish undefeated this season.True it's easy when you have a talented team, but you need someone who knows how to use that talent.


BEST 18 

* Represents Australian


Murray Lovett (Etobicoke): Lovett has had one of his best seasons this year, helping the Etobicoke Kangaroos go undefeated after 12 rounds. He has also hit some great form coming into the later part of the season.


* N.Shuttleworth (Broadview): Shuttleworth has been the most productive in front of the sticks this year, with 50 goals to his name. He has all but locked in the 2009 Goal kickers award.

P.Bormann (Tor.Rebels): Bormann has had an amazing season this year kicking 30 goals so far, with one more round of football to go. This veteran has been one of the best things about the Rebels this season.


F.Lussier (Tor.Eagles): Lussier has had a great 2009 season. Having one of the strongest overhead marks in the league, he's continually in the Eagles best.


* T.Mckenzie (Etobicoke): McKenzies strong marking up forward and ability to kick from long range, makes him the standout center half forward in the OAFL this year.


A.Falcioni (Tor.Eagles): Falcioni has been one of the best Canadians in the OAFL for the past 5 years and continues to improve.


K.La (Central): La has had another great season for the Blues and his skills are progressing every year. He continues to be a ball winner.


* T.Marsh (Tor. Eagles): Marshy has had probably his best season to date and is regularly the Eagles best on ground. He is by far the best in the league at the moment.


K.Minaker (Tor.Eagles): Minaker is most probably the best tagger in the OAFL, he is also the only one who is able to racks up possessions while he's at it.


J.Settle (Hamilton): Settle has had a break out season this year with Hamilton. He has been a rock down in defense and is highly regarded by the club.


T.Dimacakos (Tor.Eagles): Dimacakos has had another great season leading the Toronto Eagles defense. He regularly shuts down the leagues best.


S.Leyhane (Broadview): Leyhane continues to be solid in the Broadview Hawks backline. This wiley veteran continues to get better with age.


A.Jacob (Etobicoke)s: Jacobs has had another great season for the Etobicoke Kangaroos. His physical play in the backline regularly frustrates his opposition.


M.Bachinski (Tor. Eagles): Bachinski is the best Canadian full back in the OAFL today, continually shutting down his opposition in the backline.


M.Karas (Tor. Dingos): Karas has had a solid year with the Toronto Downtown Dingo's. He has continued with his club 2008 best and fairest winning form this season.


* A.Alister (Tor. Eagles): Alister has been the best ruckman this year in the OAFL. He's young, mobile, skillful and is able to score from long range.


* D.Andersen (Central): Andersen has not only been one of the Blues best ball winners this season but also one of the leagues. He is continually working hard in and out of the pack.


* J.Harris (Etobicoke): Harris has been fantastic this season, second only to Troy Marsh. He has been amazing in the center for the Etobicoke Kangaroos, being there major ball winner and leading the team out on the ground.



* M.Dobson (Central): Dobson has had a great season for the Central Blues this year, as one of their best ball winners he has the ability to take control of a game.


* L.Lombardini (Etobicoke): Lombardini has been in excellent form this season. With his speed and ball winning ability, Lombardini is very versatile around the ground.


J.Borysiewicz (Guelph): Borysiewicz has been in the same great form as in his club B&F winning year in 2006. He has great speed and has the ability to dominate a game.


D.Tumber (Etobicoke): Tumber has been solid in the Kangaroos backline and continues to be one of the better Canadian defenders. The Roos are a much stronger team with him defending.


P.Lawson (Hamilton): Lawson is probably one of the strongest Canadian ruck man in the league. His huge size and athletic ability make him a handful for opposition ruckman.


G.Logel (Guelph): Logel has had another great season for the Guelph Gargoyles. He has been in great form, continually being selected in his teams best this season.



* D.Crouch (Hamilton), * S.Bates (Etobicoke), Z.MacDonald (Guelph), * Danny Walker (Broadview)


So there you go, my picks for the 2009 OAFL All-Star team. While I'm at it, I may as well put down who I think should win the other awards on the night.



T.Marsh (Tor.Eagles): Marsh is having his best season this year and is by far the best player in the league. He is an absolute ball magnet and continues to be in his clubs best. If he doesn't win this year then there is definitely something wrong with the voting.


J.Harris (Etobicoke), D.Andersen (Central) and N.Shuttleworth (Broadview)would also be fancied to win this year.



C.GREY (Tor.Eagles): For a first year player to take to the sport so quickly, is fantastic for footy in this country. Grey has been a regular in the Eagles 18 since round two and continues to be a standout in the club.



Emile Studham (Etobicoke): Studham is arguably the best coach in the OAFL.



G.Everett: Everett is the best of the umpires in the OAFL. One word to describe his umpiring, Consistent.

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