Applying from Australia:

Work Visa:
Go here and apply:
Make sure you read the criteria page first so you have all the information, documents required..

Once you applied it will take in between 2-3 weeks to get your visa. Once they send it to you all you have to do is show it at the border (i.e. airport) and then they will process it on the spot. You may require a bank statement showing that you have more than $3000 in your bank account.

When it comes to work there’s only so much the club can do. Actually finding a job will be up to you but everyone at the club will help out as much as possible. If your not a professional there are many jobs (bar tending, waiter, retail) and temp agencies that can help as well. If you are a professional (lawyer, accountant) then finding a job is much the same as in Austalia as long as you have the necessary experience.

Workopolis   Professional Jobs
Craigslist Jobs   other Jobs


Finding an apartment is probably the easiest thing to do in Canada as long as you are prepared. There are plenty of places downtown for rent. You can find furnished or unfurnished, bedrooms or apartments. There is even a chance to room with established players on the team or new players.

The Rundown:

For an Apartment: Basement/Complex
Rent: 400-1200 (monthly) unfurnished
700-1500 (monthly) Furnished
Includes: Heat, Water,
Extra’s: Hydro (electricity), Internet, Cable, Gas (sometimes you can get these included in the rent)

For an Room:
Rent: 400-550 (monthly) Unfurnished
500-900 (monthly) furnished
Includes: Heat, Water,
Extra’s: Hydro (electricity), Internet, Cable, Gas (More often than not these are included in the rent as your are moving into an established place)

Craigslist Toronto   Best site for looking for places


Other Things:

Mobile/Cell Phone:
Prepaid 20-80, Purchase Phone, No contract, Not so good rates
Monthy Plan: 15-80 Free Phone, Month by Month, 3 yr Contract, Decent Rates, (If you go this route you’ll need a credit rating here, which means first you need a credit card here)

Rogers Mobile
Fido Mobile


Bank Account:
There are many banks here but the best for a new resident is a Simplii. No fees, online bank account, fee e-transfers… best here…


Credit Cards:
There is only one credit card you will be eligible to get here in Canada and that is a Capital One Mastercard. You can apply for it online.

Capital One Canada