The 2024 AFL Ontario season is starting this weekend, bringing excitement to fans and players. Teams will showcase their skills and compete for glory on the field. With new talent and seasoned veterans, this season promises to be thrilling. Get ready to support your team and watch the drama unfold on the field.

Season Preview for the 2024 AFL Ontario Season

1. Toronto Rebels

Last Season: 1st Place (9-1)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 781
  • Points Against: 224
  • Percentage: 348.661

The Toronto Rebels dominated last season, showcasing an impressive attack and a robust defense. Their high percentage reflects their ability to win convincingly. With a strong core group of players and excellent coaching, they are the favorites to repeat as premiers. Key players to watch include their leading goal scorers and their rock-solid defense.

2. Toronto Eagles

Last Season: 2nd Place (8-2)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 830
  • Points Against: 361
  • Percentage: 229.917

The Toronto Eagles were the only team to come close to the Rebels, losing just two games. They had the highest points for, indicating a potent offense. If they can tighten up their defense, they might close the gap and challenge for the top spot. Look out for their key forwards who consistently find the goals.

3. Hamilton Wildcats

Last Season: 3rd Place (6-4)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 663
  • Points Against: 369
  • Percentage: 179.675

The Hamilton Wildcats had a solid season, ending with a positive win-loss ratio. They have a balanced team with a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Improvement in consistency could see them become serious contenders. Key midfielders and a dynamic forward line will be crucial to their success.

4. Toronto Dingos

Last Season: 4th Place (6-4)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 580
  • Points Against: 422
  • Percentage: 137.441

The Toronto Dingos had a strong season but faced challenges against the top teams. To move up the ladder, they’ll need to improve their defensive play. Their percentage shows they can score but need to prevent the opposition from scoring as well. Emerging young talents and experienced veterans will be pivotal.

5. Grand River Gargoyles

Last Season: 5th Place (5-5)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 534
  • Points Against: 604
  • Percentage: 88.411

The Grand River Gargoyles had a mixed season, finishing with an even record. Their negative percentage indicates they struggled defensively. To make the finals, they need to bolster their defense and maintain their offensive pressure. Watch for their defensive recruits and strategic adjustments.

6. Ottawa Swans

Last Season: 6th Place (3-7)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 432
  • Points Against: 526
  • Percentage: 82.129

The Ottawa Swans had a tough season, but there were glimpses of potential. Improving their attack and tightening their defense will be their primary goals. If they can build on their strengths and develop their young players, they might cause a few upsets. Key midfielders will be essential in driving their play.

7. Central Blues

Last Season: 7th Place (2-8)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 305
  • Points Against: 758
  • Percentage: 40.237

8. High Park Demons

Last Season: 8th Place (0-10)
Key Stats:

  • Points For: 146
  • Points Against: 1007
  • Percentage: 14.499

The High Park Demons endured a winless season and face a challenging road ahead. Their primary focus will be on developing a competitive edge, starting with solidifying their defense and creating scoring opportunities. It will be a season of growth and rebuilding, with an emphasis on player development and team cohesion.


The upcoming AFL Ontario season promises to be exciting, with the Toronto Rebels and Eagles looking strong, while teams like the Wildcats and Dingos are poised to challenge. The Gargoyles, Swans, and Demons will aim to improve and potentially disrupt the hierarchy. Fans can look forward to a competitive and thrilling season.